Unless there is no upgrades released which makes high prayer

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Glory Amulet - Fury will be better of course, but Glory is a good alternative and much more economical. Explorers Ring - Warrior's ring is not very expensive (300kish I think?) So you should get one. Obby Cape - If you don't have a skillcape/fire cape that is the best cape you can buy so it's OSRS gold good.

Meh, here is what I would suggest. Helm of Neitiznot (Reasonable defence bonuses, and a prayer bonus). Fighter Torso (Requires a couple of hours to get from BA, and has a strength bonus + it does not degrade). Verac Skirt/Dragon Platelegs (Verac Skirt for tanking functions, Dragon Platelegs for routine battle ). Dragon Boots (For that asset bonus)

Dragon Defender (Dragon Defender to maximize offense with whip/scimitar).

Your present setup is okay, but I would suggest something that doesn't degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Fighter Torso, for instance. Dragon Platelegs are not too pricey, and the Fighter Torso only charges a couple hours to obtain. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.I can see a significant crash of dbones. I can say pretty soon they may go as low as 2K. In the long run, even farther than 2k. Prayer is one of these skills severely dependant on upgrades as soon as it comes to raising in cost. For instance, Piety is published, costs skyrocket with 1000 gold growth instantly. Why? There's not a lot of bones in circulation, everyone would like them, provide is drained and prices skyrocket to correct.

Unless there is no upgrades released which makes high prayer a necessity, it will diminish steadily. Once you start seeing fresh prayer content that requires a higher prayer level (70-99), it'll boost again. Then again, if there are no new update, it will just steadily decrease. Maybe not a lot each week, but cheap RS gold is going to steadily go down a little per month as years go by. It's just a volatile skill, it's somewhat like herblore.



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