Committed EO Experience But On Our Telephones

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I've written a post talking an alternative, it's about the subreddit should you want more details. In a nutshell, make an option where ships may travel freely, without danger around the cluster but punish this danger free option with EVE Echoes ISK longer travel times. So, you won't have to stare in your phone for 40 minutes but it may require 80 or 160 minutes to perform the same trip instead. You have the option to get a risk free transit, paying time or a risky transit, paying isk if you get killed.

I'd actually be nice with this tbh. Longer risk-free when I'm at work or irregular connection, shorter risky when I'm at home on bluestacks and equipped to get it up on a side track and pay more attention. Wouldn't be a bad compromise.

Or you may just actually allow it for a cellular game. It isn't supposed to be a full EO experience. Like seriously. Make it so you can be assaulted when you reconnect and it is fine.And raising time that much is prohibitive in many other respects, the traveling already takes a time as it is. Just needing not to babysit the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale game when traveling should not support you doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your travel time.Again. This is a portable game, maybe not EO. It needs to be looked at through that lens.