The minute MUT gets killed off as being a way for them to get money,

The minute MUT gets killed off as being a way for them to get money,


I think it's the very first time you are hearing it Madden 21 coins cause would EA do it to begin with? Why change a model that works for them financially. As someone mentioned in this informative article, EA's business model would be to pay to manufacturers for licenses that are exclusive, then make Madden NFL 21 just adequate enough to sell to casuals. We are not the target market franchise would be the selling point. I suggest if you listen to a podcast by Rex (previous lead writer for Madden), he discusses that he pitched delaying Madden NFL 21 with a year to rebuild it from the bottom up, and also the"suits" took it as a joke/were angry at the suggestion. Again, why delay Madden NFL 21 by a year if quality isn't your concern?

Ultimately the players are accountable for Madden NFL 21s failure. We keep letting the suits know that the absence of quality is okay and spending money. I believe many on this reddit are onboard to boycott, but casuals eat this nonsense up, therefore MUT, and celebrations probably to bring in the fortnite crowd are the priority. The suits at EA understand what they're doing, we just aren't organized enough to make them change to appeal to hardcore/franchise lovers. Having the tools and justifying the price (read:they think that it will bring in greater than the price ) are completely different.

CoD works because it is a formulation of FPS, and they have completely different Madden NFL each year. You don't anticipate each year to build on the last, you anticipate it for a new coat of paint to the basic formula. It might be an issue because let's say one team builds solid logic but another has for rushing logic. It means every 3 years you would have rushing. You can't just smash bits of these together, the code will turn into an absolute mess. And if something broke, you'd want to bring in the group which did that code, and also have them dive into more code that's been added that they're not knowledgeable about.

Something similar tried. They had two groups working independently to have two expansion packs a year. Problem is, the code would stomp around each other occasionally, and if a problem arose, it'd be a year until the group accountable for that portion of it could fix things. Slightly different scenario here... but similar problem. Because either you have to limit the differences so it's all the exact same anyhow, or you run into a point where it feels just like you're playing three different Madden NFL that have updated every three years, not new iterations of the identical game. One team can make upgrades. Madden itself proved that in the past. The problem isn't that they need to throw more people. It is they will need to have enough people on the staff who are focused on updating parts of Madden NFL 21 which are not the cash cow MUT. By hiring three development teams, given that they won't bother to accomplish this, they won't double the amount of money they're spending.

The minute MUT gets killed off as being a way for them to get money, they will need to return to creating a decent Madden for it to make money... and that's when we will get a good product again. Until MUT dies won't happen. MUT rakes in the cash and Madden's yearly release actually only serves as a $60 entrance fee to the newest period of MUT. For your non-MUT fans, EA couldn't care less, because we're more prone to wait for earnings, or buy used, or perhaps just spend the $60 after and that is it. Appeasing us doesn't matter. Kill MUT, and you're going to see again that only 1 development team can make remarkable updates. But for now there's literally no incentive. The money isn't from the buy Mut 21 coins franchise or perhaps H2H people that are basic. It is in MUT.