How can WoW TBC Classic players get a better gaming experience?

How can WoW TBC Classic players get a better gaming experience?

WoW TBC Classic defines the great experience of most journeys and the carrier of many players' favorite moments. Since Outland and the new 70-level cap are the most important things in this expansion pack, the speed at which experience is gained must be adjusted. From level 20 to level 60, the amount of experience required has been reduced by about 15%. In addition, the amount of experience gained when turning in tasks between levels 30 and 60 has been increased. Some missions and monsters that were once elites are now regular, which makes it easier to upgrade the areas in this case individually.

Except for the druid who can Buy TBC Classic Gold pick up the flying form at level 68, other professions must consume 900 gold coins for the 60% speed flying mount. Flying ensures that players can travel efficiently in difficult areas such as Netherstorm or Blade's Edge Mountains. Most importantly, flying is necessary in some steps in the player's tuning process. Flying in TBC Classic is huge because these areas are designed with vertical exploration in mind, which contrasts sharply with Vanilla WoW's full walking tour.

Just as Classic WoW divides the patch cycle of the original Vanilla World of Warcraft into six different phases, the goal of TBC Classic is to use five phases to do the same thing. A rough estimate of 60-90 days between each stage is reasonable, although for a single stage, even 90 days can be very long. In any case, when it comes to the re-release of the WOW TBC Gold game, the content phase seems to make the most sense, because the player base of the game can query or already know how often the content was initially released in the expanded original version.

Obviously, once the upper limit of level 70 is reached, the player will not gain more experience points, but this does not mean that the player should abandon any tasks in the task log. In order to make up for the loss of experience, each task is rewarded with double gold coins. Completing the mission at the highest level can be another way to get some gold coins, so that eventually you must purchase a 900 gold flying mount. In addition, if players lack TBC Classic Gold in the game, they can go to MMOWTS to spend a small amount of money to buy a large amount of TBC Classic Gold.


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