A Fresh Look on the War in Iraq

War in Iraq is still an actual topic for discussions. This article gives interesting facts and opinions about the war and proposes the reader to make his own conclusion.


The world was expecting news from the US for quite a while, but when the official declaration of war came out the reaction didn’t seem that expected. On March 19th, 2003 the first US troops entered the territory of Iraq with definite task: to occupy the territory of dictatorship of Saddam and destroy his regime. The announcement caused many emotions like anger, frustration, fear, disdain, happiness, excitement, agreement. A great variety of motivating emotions showed up and flooded the society. Countries also differed in reaction on the statement, some supported, some declined as unacceptable and some remained neutral, though it may seem that it is impossible in such kind of circumstances. Though the intentions of the US were clear, there were a lot of accusations in personal gain campaign and disregard for the opinion of the world. The real question is: was the war a mistake or a right move towards freedom and development.

To evaluate the situation objectively we have to put aside all the principles we were brought on. We are a nation that longed for liberty since it was born out of blood of our ancestors and inheritance of the Natives. Let’s look at the picture as neutral people that are not involved in the campaign. The war in Iraq showed of what society is afraid most of all. The same day people flooded the streets with protests against poverty, inflation, nuclear attack, disorder in the country etc. This was the war, highlighted in every news sequence in the world, but the fact is that no one can be 100% 

sure that the information we receive is exact and trustworthy, even with all this freedom and possibilities given. Us army with battalions from other countries exterminated the regime of Saddam and the nightmare for Iraqi people is over. The number of victims that were tortured, killed, assassinated or destroyed in another way is close to a hundred thousands.  And now when the action is over we are to ask: was a campaign successful or was it a tremendous mistake? Analyzing information provided by pentagon, the costs of the two wars, in Iraq and in Afghanistan amounts to $518bln dollars. That is enough to fully fund global anti-hunger efforts for more than 13 years and provide every child in the world with basic immunization for more than a century. "War is an expensive proposition. Whether you're for the war or against the war, that's a fact," said Robert Bixby, the executive director of the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan organisation that advocates balanced federal budgets. He is absolutely right in his statement.

One more important thing is to see if Iraqi people realize what a radical change they have in their history. The aim of the US is reached, for troops came not to take lives, to conquer land, to own oil, but to bring piece and safety into the homes of Iraqi people. After the hardships of the war are forgotten, Iraqi people will either hate the US for the rest of their day or bless the day when they stepped onto their land.