Standard size space, in the center is a volcaneo.

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Arena: 10,000 coins. The arena is the size of RuneScape gold a house room, using a tiny entrance/respawn corridor. You can fight everyone in the stadium, if you're killed you eliminate nothing adn must wait 10 seconds before respawning from the respawn area. Balloons drop down form the ceiling when the leaver is pulled. The rarest item is kept back and dropped in the middle at the very end.

Standard size space, in the center is a volcaneo. It fires rocks which if hit you on the head stun you. After the leaver is pulled the stones will smash adn an itme might seem, but you may still be stunned by the rocks. All rooms have a chest for items, Party Pete plus a leaver. Talk to party Pete to leave. If you are able to think of more rooms or improvements please reply. Pictures may come soon, depends how succseful it is.

Is this F2P? No, well it may be, but the forum rules say it can not be. What would stunned be? Not having the ability to do anything for two seconds and bright yellow celebrities wizzing around your mind. What are incentives for murdering people? If there aren't any, why bother? There are no incentives apart from staying in the stadium picking up things, knock more opponents out for less item competion. How do invites work?

Prayers are limited to level 70. Why bother training the skill any higher? Just for a skillcape? Longer"Safeguard From Melee"? I have a couple of prayer ideas, they may be too helpful or entirely useless but they're only ideas from the very top of my thoughts. Level 54 - Spiritual Binds. When you strike an enemy with Magic, then they will be binded (30 minutes ) when the prayer is triggered while casting. In addition, they can't attack back if they've ranged or magic abilities (Automatically halves your Prayer).

Level 56 - High Winds. Gives you the advantage on OSRS Gold For Sale that range. Level 63 - Protect from toxin. While utilizing this prayer, you cannot be poisoned. Level 66 - Demonic Power. Your strength is increased by 30%.


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