If you are going to boss or to a place where u will be tanking a lot of dmg,

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Get full torags OSRS gold with no hammer. Prices including under 900k. Its one ofthe highest melee def in sport. Prob is, all Barrows armour degrades while in combat. . And brks entirely after 15hrs of combat. After which, you have to fix them, which prices u around 230k for the entire armour part. Next to get a Wep, whip is fantastic for atk and def training, but find a Dragon Scimmy / Brackish blade to get str.

Dragon scimmy is much more affordable than a brackish, (50k, instead of 500k) but needs end of fighter insanity. A saradomin sword is far better for str, but it also costs 4m-5m, and that means you cant afford it. Its untradable however, and need to kill cyclopes at the top floor of the warriors guild to get them. .

U go in, after earning tokens, visit the cyclopes, and on"all tokens" mode, fight them. . When u kill them, there's an opportunity tht one of the drops is a defender of the nxt tier. . Example: U kill a cyclops with no weilding any defender, it might fall a bronze shield. . Even though weilding bronze, then they drop iron, and so on. However, defenders are infrequent drops, so going out of no shield, to dragon defender will prolly take a few hrs, plus the time it takes to make all of the tokens...

If you are going to boss or to a place where u will be tanking a lot of dmg, u require a dfs (8.5mil), but it sux im0. Aside from that, you need to get Amulet of Glory, Obsidian cape (or fire cape, which needs u to kill Jad), Regen bracelet (or rune+ glasses from rdf), dragon boots, and receive an aura, (register to the members loyality programme, if you haven't alrdy, to begin earning points, that you use buy RuneScape gold for buying auras. .) Hope this helps!


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